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iPad 3 Vs. iPad 4: Is it Worth Upgrading


It is no secret that Apple is working hard to constantly one-up themselves, while staying steps ahead of their competitors. Hints them not stopping with just an iPhone, they now have 6 generations of iPhones, and I am sure they are not stopping with the iPhone 5.

But of course they couldn’t stop with the phone, which in itself is essentially a miniature computer, they had to turn that into a computer, thus resulting in the iPad. In an attempt to stay consistent they are now doing some heavy advertising on the iPad 4. This brings to question… Is the iPad 4 really that much better than the More >

Benefits of Custom Software Solutions


Software programs are the applications that empower the computers to solve the problems and runs efficiently. The designs and the functions vary depending upon the mature of problems that are created to solve the code writing process that remains the same. Starting from the time when the world focused on computerizing the activity, the field of software development was identified with a real growth potential and sustainability. At this point of time, writing the software is still considered as one of the most lucrative profession that one can engage in. It basically accommodates both the More >

How to Download Web Pages for Offline Viewing


Internet is a source of electronic communication that has taken the world by storm. Web pages are essential for mediating with World Wide Web, where the pages are documents or other resources of information that is displayed on a monitor or mobile device and which is admitted through a web browser.

The information identified by web pages is in HTML or XHTML format and the information is retrieved from a local computer or a remote web server. However, can you read the content when you are not connected online? The answer is “Yes.” The content can be viewed offline using Internet Explorer,

More >

Set of tablet computers

Best Android Apps for Cloud Computing


Android applications have gained popularity since their launch. This is due to multiple reasons as they combine style and efficiency and thereby give the best possible solution for all the computing needs. A range of android apps are also available for cloud computing that are getting popular Have a look at some of these.

Google Documents

Google document allows one to read and edit a document without having to download the same. Google document gives you the freedom to open and edit the documents online. One can also share documents with others in their network.

Safe wallet

As the name More >

Cell Phone by lululemon athletica

Bluetooth mobile accessories to enhance your phone and tablet


Bluetooth accessories are a great way to enhance your tablet or phone’s potential. Although Bluetooth headsets are widely used by people, other kind of accessories are not as known. Modern phones nowadays support all kinds of wild contraptions to enhance your phone, and they work as well as their wired counterparts.  Here’s some of the most useful mobile accessories to extend your phone and tablet.

Keyboards are a great addition to your tablet. They can be great productivity boosters when you need to write articles and answer to e-mails without being confined to the touch keyboard that is More >

Remanufactured Vs. Original Ink Cartridges: What’s the Best Deal?


credit: Suicine

So you have just pressed the print function on your computer and having waited for the piece of paper to come out, you realise that the text is no more visible than a water mark. Yep, it’s time to replace your ink. This is often an annoying position to find yourself in since ink never seems to last as long as you expect it to, but nonetheless, it needs replacing. Many people might be tempted to go straight for a like for like replacement from the original manufacturer but this is not the only option available for customers wanting to replace their ink.

Reasons to Stick With More >

Play Sudoku Online


Sudoku is one of those games that everyone enjoys regardless of age, but sadly it doesn’t seem to be very popular online. Even in today’s digital age, Sudoku has been mostly confined to a page in newspapers. If you try to find a Sudoku game online, many of them are hard to play, or they fail to stick to the original game of Sudoku. I have been frustrated by this problem a while ago.

Good news is that I stumbled upon this new sudoku games site recently that provides a small collection of different Sudoku games. The games themselves are taken from other sources, but the site certainly saves ou More >


Introducing WordLookup, the super convenient dictionary tool!


Many Google Chrome users probably have heard or is using the awesome Google Dictionary extension, which allows you to double click any word in Chrome to see a popup of its definition. I found this very useful and can’t browse the web without it.

Of course, it’s not possible to implement something like this in Android just yet, but this app tries to imitate that extension. With WordLookup, you do not have to open another dictionary app again to look up one word!

What is it?

WordLookup is a small app for Android, optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and up, that allows you to get the definitions of More >

Tutorhub can help you with your homeworks


Access to tutoring can greatly help with problematic lessons and subjects. If you’re a student, you probably have stumbled into a hard to answer question more than once in the past. These moments where you really want help, but nowhere to get it from. For many students, online tutoring is an often overlooked way to assist with your studies.

Tutorhub is one of such websites for online tutoring. You can ask questions publicly for free on the forums, for other students and tutors to answer. However the more interesting feature of the website is the private access to private tutors from UK, in a More >

Metal Sniffer, a Metal Detector app for Android

Introducing Metal Sniffer for Android


So I made my first Android app, an full-fledged magnetic field sensor aka metal detector. It’s nothing too spectacular, but I thought you guys might find it useful.

This app detects nearby electromagnetic fields using the phone’s built-in magnetometer/compass. Depending on your phone, you can use it to detect metals up to 15cm away, and magnets from far, far away! Note that household equipment like TVs, and computers or even your phone case can affect readings.

How to use this app?

Very simple, just move the app around and read the measurements, if the magnetic field readings go over a More >

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