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Set of tablet computers

Smaller Makes a Huge Difference: The New Face of Mobile Gaming


With the release of the iPad mini, there’s lots of talk whether there’s room on the market for a mid-sized Apple device when 7-inch tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and the Google Android Nexus 7, already exist. Apple fanboys — and girls — have been missing out on the benefits of having a smaller device for their gaming needs, while everyone else is enjoying the freedom that comes with a smaller tablet.

Compared to the 10-inch iPad, the 7-inch tablets may not seem like they’d be a whole lot different, or that anyone would have a need for them, but 3 inches is a huge difference when talking More >

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Your Nook Color


The Nook Color, the popular 7-inch tablet computer from Barnes & Noble, has impressed users with its full color touchscreen, customizable display, Wi-Fi browsing and media player. Increasing the functionality of the device even more is the incredible range of apps that are available. From games and entertainment to social and lifestyle apps, there’s something to keep everyone interested and engaged. Many users are taking advantage of a Barnes and Noble coupon code to treat themselves to one of the many productivity apps. Let’s take a look at some of the best available.

1. OfficeSuite More >


Will we ever see a single dominant Android phone maker?


Since its rise to prominence, one of Android’s defining features is its variety of manufacturers. HTC manufactured the first major Android release, the T-Mobile G1. Motorola manufactured the original Droid, which helped catapult Android into the mainstream. Samsung has been busy manufacturing all types of handsets on its way to being the top Android producer. At the same time, numerous other manufacturers have pumped out Android handsets of all ilks, from the most basic entry level phone to high-powered quad-core models.

Yet we live in a society that appreciates homogeneity. That is, we want More >

Step SPAM on WordPress

Pros and Cons of Using WordPress Multisite


WordPress Multisite is an option that allows blog owners and site administrators to run multiple sites without having to upload a new WordPress configuration for each site. This option was formerly made available through WordPress Multi-User. Now developers can configure the WordPress 3.0 installation to allow for multi-site use. There are many benefits and disadvantages to doing so, based on your experience and needs. Here’s a breakdown of some of the pros and cons of WordPress Multisite:


Easy one-stop management. Once you configure the multi-site installation, you can manage all your More >


Wondering How to Start Making Music at Home?


Making Electronic music is very simple and the process goes very quickly, if you have the right tools. The right tools aren’t easy to get, thought. There are so much software and online options to start making your own music from home that one can get lost pretty fast. This article will show you the features that you should be seeking in your buying process of the best music making tool. Now let me talk about my favorite tool/software to make music. It is the premier name in Electronic music making device for computers. It is sought after by beginners and professionals alike for making all More >

Wikipedia Goes Offline to Protest SOPA/ PIPA


Today, 18th January 2012, is a sad day for both the internet and for information seekers. In protest against tow internet privacy acts in the US, Wikipedia has gone offline for 24 hours. The acts in question are SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act – currently going through the US House of Representatives) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act ndash; currently going through the US Senate).

What are SOPA and PIPA?

pThe two bills currently circulating in the US are designed to protect intellectual property. They are supported by large media corporations including the MPAA (Motion Picture More >

The Social Network and the Car


It is common to look to innovators and inventors to create new and scalable technology to make the world a little more convenient. There can be much more to technological progress than the newest discovery though. Sometimes it’s a new combination of current technologies that can change the way the world works. First phones upgraded to mobile computers, and now computers are mixing with cars with the introduction of social media on the road.

Stuff that you can actually do

There are ways that social media is currently being integrated into cars that you can actually do now. With a few simple More >

iphone credit card

Taking Mobile Credit Card Payments


In today’s business world, we find ourselves constantly in motion. From meeting clients to tending a customer’s needs on-site we are always on the move. With technology gearing us for the mobile requirements of business, we are constantly finding new ways to get things done. For those business owners who are on-site and out of the office, there is technology that can keep you going and offer convenience for your customers and clients.

With mobile phones becoming the go to tech for all business owners, credit card processing via your smartphone is now an option and must have for all businesses More >


The Latest Operating System Technology Developments


Signs are pointing to the release of the Apple software iOS 5 in the next few weeks. Updating to the latest software is often the best option for a company because it allows them to utilise the latest features and implement developments which keep them in line with the competition and, importantly, with their customers. This article will consider the importance of engaging in new software developments for companies hoping to stay on top in this competitive market.

Windows 8

The latest version of the windows operating system has been out for some time in beta form and is already in wide use More >

How Can You Do Promotion and Branding With Mobile Marketing and SEO


Mobile devices are the most up and coming technology avenue available to online marketers. So the question is – how do you promote your brand with mobile marketing?

Ring the Changes

Mobile devices are used in an explicitly social way, so the new market is even more focused on social media streams than it used to be. Article submissions might as well be a thing of the past. The future is good, solid social media marketing, gaining influence in the right quarters and allying your brand with powerful figures in social circles apposite to who you are and what you do. 

The Mobile App

A mobile app More >

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