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Set of tablet computersAndroid applications have gained popularity since their launch. This is due to multiple reasons as they combine style and efficiency and thereby give the best possible solution for all the computing needs. A range of android apps are also available for cloud computing that are getting popular Have a look at some of these.

Google Documents

Google document allows one to read and edit a document without having to download the same. Google document gives you the freedom to open and edit the documents online. One can also share documents with others in their network.

Safe wallet

As the name indicates, safe wallet allows the user to keep information in a safe manner for being used later. The application safe wallet allows the user to store data on the desktop with the information being in encrypted format. The information in the wallet can be synced with the smartphone through cloud computing. Safe wallet has emerged as a popular product in the android category for cloud computing purpose. One can store and access sensitive information safely without any fear of loosing the same through safe wallet.


Evernote is a creative application that enables the users to sync desktop, cloud and smartphone. This application allows you to clip a single web page or series of web page and sync the same on your desktop. Another app by the name of spring pad is also available for cloud computing. The same is more relevant in conditions when one is offline as spring pad works well in offline conditions too.


Another popular android app, sugarsync has managed to create a buzz amongst android users. Android users can share files without the use of internet through this app. The data is transferred using the wireless system. While using Sugarsync, users can expect temporary storage for the data that is being transferred across networks.


A good emailing system is available on the android apps. Users can share, compose and send messages across network through this email system. The android email system is easy to use as it has all the features of the regular mail.

A free personal finance app that helps one to connect with bank account and credit card details, allows one to connect one through. If you are using the app, you can check out your cash balance in the account and pending credit card debt. One does not need to enter the login details each time while accessing the app.

Widgets linked to the app need to be refreshed and the app will give you the latest position of your account balance.

Flickr Free

Another app for the photography enthusiasts, flickr free allows the users to view and upload photos directly from the android device of the users choice. The uploaded pictures can later be accessed from any other android device too. The app has a lightweight interface as compared to any other cloud computing app in the same category.

Choose a cloud computing app from those listed above and use your android apps to their maximum.

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