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Set of tablet computers

Best Android Apps for Cloud Computing


Android applications have gained popularity since their launch. This is due to multiple reasons as they combine style and efficiency and thereby give the best possible solution for all the computing needs. A range of android apps are also available for cloud computing that are getting popular Have a look at some of these.

Google Documents

Google document allows one to read and edit a document without having to download the same. Google document gives you the freedom to open and edit the documents online. One can also share documents with others in their network.

Safe wallet

As the name More >

Set of tablet computers

Smaller Makes a Huge Difference: The New Face of Mobile Gaming


With the release of the iPad mini, there’s lots of talk whether there’s room on the market for a mid-sized Apple device when 7-inch tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and the Google Android Nexus 7, already exist. Apple fanboys — and girls — have been missing out on the benefits of having a smaller device for their gaming needs, while everyone else is enjoying the freedom that comes with a smaller tablet.

Compared to the 10-inch iPad, the 7-inch tablets may not seem like they’d be a whole lot different, or that anyone would have a need for them, but 3 inches is a huge difference when talking More >

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