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Cell Phone by lululemon athleticaBluetooth accessories are a great way to enhance your tablet or phone’s potential. Although Bluetooth headsets are widely used by people, other kind of accessories are not as known. Modern phones nowadays support all kinds of wild contraptions to enhance your phone, and they work as well as their wired counterparts.  Here’s some of the most useful mobile accessories to extend your phone and tablet.

Keyboards are a great addition to your tablet. They can be great productivity boosters when you need to write articles and answer to e-mails without being confined to the touch keyboard that is prone to mistakes. Modern mobile operating systems like Android have native support for most Bluetooth keyboards out there, so little configuration is required, just plug and go!

Bluetooth mouses are also a good compliment to mobile devices. It is great for using a tablet or phone without physically straining your arms too much during long sessions of use. It’s also great to use it for tasks that require more precision than just touch, like playing first person shooters. The best part is, when used in conjunction with a keyboard, it essentially transforms your tablet into a desktop, built for productivity; you’re just missing a word processor and you’re set.

Bluetooth stereo headsets are great replacements to their wired counterparts. It is a liberating experience to be able to listen to music without the limitations of a cord around your body, and it is superior to regular mono headsets because it obviously covers both of your ears. Although you will be sacrificing a bit of audio quality, the freedom of going wireless is a worthy trade-off.

Bluetooth accessories have come a long way, the battery life has improved and could be used for a reasonably long time in many cases. The compatibility has also improved and is now supported on most major platforms without problem. In brief, it is a must buy.

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