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Sudoku is one of those games that everyone enjoys regardless of age, but sadly it doesn’t seem to be very popular online. Even in today’s digital age, Sudoku has been mostly confined to a page in newspapers. If you try to find a Sudoku game online, many of them are hard to play, or they fail to stick to the original game of Sudoku. I have been frustrated by this problem a while ago.

Good news is that I stumbled upon this new sudoku games site recently that provides a small collection of different Sudoku games. The games themselves are taken from other sources, but the site certainly saves ou the trouble of finding them yourself! The games contain many levels of difficulty, suitable for all kinds of players, be it beginner or expert.

If playing online isn’t your thing, the site also offers a series of free printable sudoku sheets for you to play with the old fashioned way of the pen and paper. The sheets are offered in many difficulties, so no one is left out!

For now the site is rather new, but it should be updated from time to time to add more features!

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