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In the current competitive marketplace it is important for a business to be unique. Differentiation from competitors is difficult, so innovative use of printing services is necessary. One way to use printing companies effectively is to produce unique promotional items such as promotional pens.

There are several benefits to producing promotional pens;

  • They are flexible in use.
  • Producing pens is inexpensive
  • They last a long time.
  • They create goodwill.
  •  They are easy to distribute.
  1. Promotional pens are used in many ways.

Promotional pens are very flexible. Pens are widely used common objects which appeal to people of all ages. This broadens their reach. A pen which is clearly labelled with a company’s information is therefore likely to be exposed to a very wide audience and thus increase the range of potential consumers.

  1. Promotional pens are inexpensive.

Most printing services can produce promotional pens at a reasonable price. A bulk order will provide a large number of pens to distribute and ensure that the advertising budget is not exceeded. The production of a bulk lot will ensure that the items will be available for a long period of time and will not be outdated. The pen is therefore an economically viable method of advertising

  1. Pens are reused.

A pen is an object that is long lasting. It will be reused by a potential customer. This ensures that the information printed upon it will be seen repeatedly. This repeated exposure enhances brand awareness amongst a large audience.

  1. An everyday item creates goodwill.

Printing the company’s details on a pen will be an effective way to increase goodwill amongst customers and vendors. Goodwill is essential to a profitable company. The pen is an object of value to a customer and this value is transferred to the company that provided it.

  1. Distribution is easy.

A printed pen is easily distributed. Distribution of advertising material is always a problem. However, a pen, due to its size and easy portability is easily distributed. A box of pens will weigh a small amount. It is easy to hire some students for rush hour to distribute pens to passersby. This ease of distribution will save on costs and improve the effectiveness of promotion.

When creating pens it is imperative to be aware of the targeted audience. If the business is a stationery business then a pen is an ideal promotional item. However, distributing a pen to advertise a product targeted at computer users may not be an effective use of resources. Market research is an essential component of advertising and promotion.

A promotional pen can be a useful tool for a business. Pens are easily distributed, inexpensive and valued by the consumer. They increase goodwill and provide a long lasting advertisement for a company. Their utility and wide appeal makes them an ideal advertising tool for many different types of businesses.

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