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Windows-8-Start-MenuSigns are pointing to the release of the Apple software iOS 5 in the next few weeks. Updating to the latest software is often the best option for a company because it allows them to utilise the latest features and implement developments which keep them in line with the competition and, importantly, with their customers. This article will consider the importance of engaging in new software developments for companies hoping to stay on top in this competitive market.

Windows 8

The latest version of the windows operating system has been out for some time in beta form and is already in wide use throughout the testing and developer market. The developments that it provides to the customer and to businesses are multiple and varied. A faster processing speed and numerous additional features are just some of the elements which make this software beneficial to companies hoping to stay ahead in the market.

Apple iOS 5

There are several signs pointing towards the release of this software in the very near future. For one, we are approaching the calendar schedule which Apple has historically used to release developments such as the iPad and iPhone. Apple has a practice of releasing new software, followed shortly by new hardware, and we are almost due for the iPhone 5. There are reports that Apple stores have blacked out holiday opportunities in October, a practice which is usually only carried out in the pre-sale session for new software or hardware.
Why Is The Latest Operating System Important?
The vast majority of people will use the operating system which is standard on their PC or Macintosh, rather than running a separate system on a machine, but it is still important to run the latest operating system for your computers in order to benefit from the latest features. There are compatibility problems that come with using a dated windows or OS system and these issues can be detrimental to your business because it will inconvenience business associates and customers. There is also a level of respectability that comes with running the latest software. Being up to date suggests that you are an advanced and professional company whereas falling behind will be unimpressive and leave a negative impression in the mind of the customer.
Complications of Updating
There are four main complications involved in updating to a newer operating system:

  • Time consumption
  • Cost
  • Potential loss of files
  • No understanding of operation

These complications are unavoidable but there are steps you can take to protect yourself as best as possible from errors in the process. The first step is to have a member of staff complete the certificate IV in training and assessment so that they are able to install the new software and properly train all of your staff on how to use it. Having staff who are unable to use their computers is like having a carpenter who is unable to use a saw, so it is vital to train everyone properly. It is also crucial to back up all files before making the change over so that you are able to recover everything important just in case anything goes wrong in the process.

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