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Science explains that fate is real.


Ever wondered if your life has already been determined since the origin of life? That everyone is here on earth doing what they have to do, what they are chosen to do, and there is nothing you can really change about your life. Well, science proves it true.

Think of it this way, when you arrange 2 molecules in a certain way, they will react chemically in a certain way, it’s like a mathematical formula, if you add 1 to 1, it gives 2, no other answers are possible.

Therefore, hundreds of millions of year before, when life first started, when the first molecules interacted with each others in a More >

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How to add Rage Face emoticons in Facebook Chat!


A little known feature of Facebook Chat is the ability to embed custom emoticons through a nifty little trick. Every page and group on Facebook has a unique number as identifier. Embedding it in double brackets will display a small 16x16px thumbnail of the specified page.

This “feature” allows us to create own own emoticons, such as the popular Rage Comic Faces these days. I have complied the following list to help you with whatever you want to.

Of course, the custom emotes are not limited to rage faces, as long you can find the magic number of any page, you can embed it, or use generators More >


GPS apps for iphone and ipad


Of the numerous ‘i’ apps you find for your apple gadgets, GPS enabled applications are most reliable, accurate and trendy. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite based navigation system. Among the group of satellites, if at least four satellites can view an object on the earth, then it can be pin pointed in location along with the time dimension. This system of positioning is used in various sectors including military, weather forecast and disaster management. Here is the list of GPS based apps which for iphone and ipads in particular. Sygic has come out with the latest More >

What Colors Should You Chose for Your Site?


Choosing the right colors for your site is one of the hardest tasks to do. With the wide range of colors scheme available, it’s hard to decide which colors are just right. Still, this is not something that should be taken lightly. According to psychiatrists, color can affect the mood and emotion of people. Thus, the site colors you chose can affect traffic flow to your site. This leads us to the question, what colors should you chose for your site?

Before deciding what color scheme your site should have, there are many things you should consider. First, is branding. What do you want your More >

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