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Honk, Honk: The Worst Drivers in the U.S.

And the title of State with the most horrible drivers at the wheel goes to… Do you often think that your home state should win the award for worst drivers in the country? What about after you see that young mom driving with her toddler parked on her lap? Or that guy mowing down on a cheeseburger and talking on his cell phone while driving? Horrible drivers are everywhere in the nation. However, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the American Motorists Association, and MADD decided to literally put that question to the test when they took their data and ranked every More >

Blog Type: Personal or Informative?


In the world of blogging the possibilities are endless. With many turning to blogging for income, new blogs are popping up daily. Just like the vast subjects to write about, there are also different writing styles. When choosing to start a blog, many have to face the question “Do I make it informative or personal?” Though both have a place in the blogging community, deciding your blog type would depend on the audience and purpose of the blog. Here are some considerations to take when choosing your blog type.

Personal Blogs:

In a world where reality TV reigns supreme, drama is highly More >


Examples of Good Foursquare Marketing Strategies


Since 2007, Foursquare has been taking the social media marketplace by storm, gaining popularity as a location-based mobile platform for communicating with friends while traveling about town. During the process of checking in, people have learned that the points and badges they earn on the application can amount to unexpected savings from brands like Starbucks, Coach, the Wall Street Journal, and Zagat, to name a few. It doesn’t take a master’s degree in finance to know this can amount to savings for the customer and product loyalty to the company. Whether a company is launching a new More >


Cooperative Gaming and its Real World Benefits


More commonly known as co-op, cooperative game play has changed the gaming world. This feature included in several video games allows different players to interact and work together in a team. Unlike competitive multiplayer games, co-op games make players assist each other to complete the game.

The course of the game is slightly different from competitive games. Simply put, co-op games compensate for the multiple players by increasing the overall difficulty of the game or a particular level.

Co-op gaming can be operated on many levels from different players physically sharing gaming input More >


Creating a Mobile Office


With the internet as one of the main sources of revenue for businesses, travel may quickly become a necessity. Many businesses have clients that are out of the area, some businesses attend conferences or conventions, and the need to travel is imperative to their success. For that reason, many businesses big and small are creating mobile offices to facilitate the constant need to travel. A mobile office is an office that is set up on a vehicle, such as a truck, trailer or motorhome. It is the type of office that is always on the move. Such an office is ideal for professions or projects that More >


Facebook button added in 2 new Android handsets by HTC


HTC, being one of the contenders in the mobile market, has recently launched the favorite social networking website on two of their handsets. Until now, as it was quite well known, no mobile handset has had a physical key dedicated to Facebook. However, that is to change, now that HTC has decided to launch their new handsets in the US markets and the markets beyond.

While Facebook keeps people from every age group hooked on with its various applications, the new models would make sure that you are always connected. No more problems of waiting for the browsers to open, or endless precious More >

New YouTube

Unlock the new YouTube layout with a JS trick!


YouTube is currently privately field testing a new neat design. Entirely different from the Cosmic Panda update, this new design is more compact and offers a more personalized home page experience. On the video viewing page, nothing much have changed so far except a darker color scheme inspired from the Cosmic Panda design. The buttons have been refreshed with a fresh new coat of paint. The highlight of the update is the new home page, the Guide:

The new home page featured a more compact news feed compared to the older design. It is also much easier to check on your favorites More >

Internet stock pic

Internet: Communication Through Technology Using Video and Audio


Modern internet packages are about a lot more than simply hooking you up to the information superhighway. No – modern internet providers are interested in showing you how you can use that superhighway to communicate more effectively.

The whole point of the internet is communication – be it communication of ideas, sharing files and data, or straightforward communication between two people using voice, text and image.

The most famous video and audio combined communications technology is probably Skype. Or, rather, if you went up to the average person in the street and asked them to describe how More >

LG Cookie Fresh Bright Screen by digitpedia

7 Holiday Apps You Don’t Want to Miss


Looking for a way to integrate your favorite personal technology and the holiday season? Check out these fantastic smart phone apps. While all of them serve distinctly different purposes, each is aimed at helping the tech-savvy you stay cheerful and organized this Christmas season.

1. Santa Claus Tracker: Wondering where Jolly Ol’ St. Nick is flying at the moment? Rely on this fun, whimsical app to keep you up to date on the latest moves of the gift-giving saint. Additionally, Santa Claus Tracker lets users plan the route of Santa Claus—a great way to force him to stop by your house, More >

Why Black Hat SEO Techniques Do You More Harm Than Good


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of increasing the traffic you get to your website. The ultimate goal of internet marketers is to get their sites to the top 10 of search engines. People usually only click on the first few sites that appear in search engine results. The higher your page ranking, the greater your chances of drawing traffic to your site. There are two types of SEO: black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The difference between the two lies on how it is done. White hat SEO uses ethical methods. These methods include reciprocal links, writing quality content and internal More >

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