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6 Devices that will make campus life more convenient

Technology is changing the world we live in—and the world we learn in as well. The needs of the typical college student have changed, mostly in part, due to technology. A decade ago, eager students would descend on campus with nothing more than a few pads of paper just waiting to be scribbled on, pencils and pens, highlighters and a thesaurus (if they were an languages major).  However, in today’s fast paced world there are certain technologies that can make your college semester much more successful.

What different types of technology do you need on hand to ensure a successful semester?

1. A laptop computer: The first must-have technology on our list is a laptop computer for many reasons. From computer science students to English majors—a reliable laptop will aid in note taking, essay writing, research, social networking with student groups and with instructors, and basically keeping memory of all of your class lecture notes, readings and exam questions when your memory just isn’t doing the trick. In order to be able to use your laptop in any class or site on campus, seek a system with wireless capabilities.

the iphone2. Smartphones: A smartphone is another must-have at college for many reasons. For instance, students can save on buying books from the campus bookstore when they use their smartphones to go online to search for reputable textbook rental companies. Students can also use their smartphones to:

  • Download e-dictionaries and other online reference guides
  • Organize a busy class schedule
  • Keep track of class assignments via an electronic calendar
  • Maneuver a large campus
  • Instantly alert campus security in case of an emergency

3. External memory device(s): Be sure to back up your lecture notes and assignments via a few external USB ports or an external hard drive. If you choose to go the USB route, look for a few jump drives that consist of at least 1 GB of memory.  Both external hard drives and USB drives are useful for transferring data from one place to another—this could be convenient for printing assignments, sharing class notes via email, and even doing class presentations, as technology with external memory will allow you to take anything stored on your computer with you—without having to lug around your whole computer.

4. An MP3 player – An mp3 player will let you download music, videos and images, but it’s best use for college its capacity for recording class lectures and taking them home with you to listen to any time you need them. An MP3 player will be your best study buddy on campus.

Recordable CD’s & DVD’s: You can use some blank CD’s and DVD’s if your MP3 player gets a little full. You can also use them as handy backup devices in lieu of an external hard drive or USB port.

HP TouchPad6. Tablets – College students and tablets go hand in hand. Just think—a tablet is extremely thin, lightweight, and fast to load and search—which is ideal for campus life. Tablets are convenient to take to class—more convenient in fact, than a laptop. Why are tablets so college-friendly?

  • They offer longer battery life—so no need to carry a charger along to class
  • The offer recording capabilities—simply tap the lecture and replay it in seconds
  • They deliver cloud-based, synchronized experiences that offer constant connectivity
  • They are device agnostic—meaning class assignments or notes can be saved in a central location and accessible from any technical device


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