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Battlefield 3 Simulator Takes FPS Gaming to New Levels


Counted one among the most anticipated FPS games of this year, Battlefield 3 has already started making waves with a new cutting edge simulator doing the rounds. The idea for the simulator came from The Gadget Show in UK that was exclusively given a chance to use a pre-release version of the game. This FPS (First Person Shooter) now boasts of one of the most unique and realistic experiences of gaming.

How it started

The vision for the simulator came into play earlier this July when they realized that the potential for games with amazing visual quality are not fully exploited as most players More >

Smartphone Remote

Turn Your Smartphone into a Computer Remote


If there is one universal law of the world, it is that the remote is never around when you want it and is extremely hard to find whenever you’re looking for it. Since the dawning of this problem, there have been ridiculous solutions marketed to the public. Some people have attached alarms to remote (the most laughable examples are when the alarm is activated by another remote). Finally, however, it seems that people are taking a pragmatic approach to finding remote controls: give remote control abilities to your phone. You always have your phone with you or know where it is, and that is the More >

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter Giveaway!


WinX Blu-ray Decrypter, from Digiarty Software, is a premium Windows software to decrypt and copy protected Blu-Ray titles.

What is it?

This nifty tool is able to remove and decrypt common encryption such as (AACS MKB v25), BD+ copy protection, etc. in Blu-ray disc. The program will output the disk’s content into a video file or folder, playable with popular video players. It’s a great way to protect your disks from loss and damage by allowing you to create backups at your will.

If you are looking for powerful software to backup and decrypt Blu-ray video disc, WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is the More >

Technology to Make your Next Semester a Success

6 Devices that will make campus life more convenient

Technology is changing the world we live in—and the world we learn in as well. The needs of the typical college student have changed, mostly in part, due to technology. A decade ago, eager students would descend on campus with nothing more than a few pads of paper just waiting to be scribbled on, pencils and pens, highlighters and a thesaurus (if they were an languages major).  However, in today’s fast paced world there are certain technologies that can make your college semester much more successful.

What different types of technology do More >


5 SEO Tips for Beginners


Have you made a firm decision of obtaining a better rank on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your site but have no idea from where to begin? If yes, then you are reading the right article, as it shares 5 SEO tips for people like you for rocking on this competitive platform of SEO. Implementing these tips increases the chances for your Web site to get more easily found when prospects search for your services online. So, let us check them out!

Get to Know the Search Terms/Keywords

The basic step for making your SEO successful is to know the keywords that you can only get by knowing More >


How to Keep Files Forever


The first question is, why back up files? The answer is simple. File storage through your computer is not 100% reliable. Physical and internal damage may wipe out everything you have saved over the years. Online storage, on the other hand, is not free and if it is, the capacity is limited. This makes archival CD-Rs one of the best options to preserve and store important files. Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs were the first disks to be used for archiving files. The very first CD-Rs used green cyanine dye. They were deemed unstable and faded after a few years. The newer Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs applied additives to More >


Meet the new Macbook Pros (late 2011)


After the release of the iPhone 4S, here’s the latest gadgets from Apple: a new refresh of their popular Macbook Pro line. The announcement didn’t come with as much fanfare and hype as the new iPhone, but the changes are silently applied to the specs page on Apple’s website. (more…)

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Concrete Canvas: Instant-made concrete tents


When you think of a tent, you will probably think of a soft and fragile structure used for camping. Concrete Canvas takes a whole new approach and makes it a reality. A flexible concrete fabric is used as the base for the walls of the shelter. Here’s a video demonstration:


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League of Legends Buddy List

How to access League of Legends chat using Digsby


This is a guide for League of Legends players who wish to see and chat with their in-game friends through the chat system without having to log in the game itself.

Since Riot’s chat system uses the open Jabber protocol in their Adobe Air client, it’s simple & easy to connect using free multiprotocol chat clients. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use Digsby, a free chat program available on their site here, to connect to LoL.

Other programs like Pidgin and Trillian will work as well, but you will have to modify the following steps to suit the options of your particular chat More >

server image

Offsite Backup and Server Data Loss Issues Explained


What does it take to totally disaster-proof to offsite backup serviceyour data with online backup? The levels of disaster we need to prepare for are extremely high when we think of disasters such as tsunamis and hurricanes, and that is just the beginning. With a huge-increase in client-server based systems more companies are locating their core systems in data storage centres and on dedicated servers. Data loss can destroy a business and is not option.

  • Server Safety. Client-server systems make sense because security of data is centralised. Some systems are even not allowing the user client More >
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