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WinX Blu-ray Decrypter

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter Giveaway!


WinX Blu-ray Decrypter, from Digiarty Software, is a premium Windows software to decrypt and copy protected Blu-Ray titles.

What is it?

This nifty tool is able to remove and decrypt common encryption such as (AACS MKB v25), BD+ copy protection, etc. in Blu-ray disc. The program will output the disk’s content into a video file or folder, playable with popular video players. It’s a great way to protect your disks from loss and damage by allowing you to create backups at your will.

If you are looking for powerful software to backup and decrypt Blu-ray video disc, WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is the More >


Meet the new Macbook Pros (late 2011)


After the release of the iPhone 4S, here’s the latest gadgets from Apple: a new refresh of their popular Macbook Pro line. The announcement didn’t come with as much fanfare and hype as the new iPhone, but the changes are silently applied to the specs page on Apple’s website. (more…)

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Concrete Canvas: Instant-made concrete tents


When you think of a tent, you will probably think of a soft and fragile structure used for camping. Concrete Canvas takes a whole new approach and makes it a reality. A flexible concrete fabric is used as the base for the walls of the shelter. Here’s a video demonstration:


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League of Legends Buddy List

How to access League of Legends chat using Digsby


This is a guide for League of Legends players who wish to see and chat with their in-game friends through the chat system without having to log in the game itself.

Since Riot’s chat system uses the open Jabber protocol in their Adobe Air client, it’s simple & easy to connect using free multiprotocol chat clients. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use Digsby, a free chat program available on their site here, to connect to LoL.

Other programs like Pidgin and Trillian will work as well, but you will have to modify the following steps to suit the options of your particular chat More >

bdlot dvd clone ultimate 3

The BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate 3.0 giveaway!


Need to burn a CD on a hurry? BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate might be the perfect match for the problem! It’s great for backing up data, or burning a home movie to share with friends. This software offers a great deal of features that can be accessed here, notably CUDA GPU acceleration support, which allows the program to complete a task in a fraction of the time. This nifty application will suit most users with their disk cloning and virtual drive needs.

In addition to maintaining abilities of burning DVD and backing up DVD as ISO image/Video_TS Folder/MPEG2 file, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate 3.0 More >

It’s not a boat, it’s a compact semi-submarine.


It’s a boat! It’s a submarine! What is it actually? Whatever it is, you can be sure you’ll get all the attention from onlookers.

Here’s a concept video of it in action:

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The Emperor gaming workstations


Not satisfied with your traditional computer desk and chair setup? A few of you might want to upgrade to the Emperor 1510. Sure, it looks expensive and an overkill, but it looks so damn cool! Here’s an official video showing it’s functionality:

The Emperor 1510 is a highly luxurious configurable computer workstation(desk and chair). Feature a adjustable height three LCD screen mount, integrated 2.1 audio system, lots of computer ports, a control panel, adjustable ad ergonomic seat and a nice metallic finish, it’s got pretty much anyone can ask for.

Emperor also offers a upgraded version of More >

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