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bdlot video converter screenshotIn need for a video converter program for Windows? Look no further, BDlot Video Converter could be exactly what you’re missing. This nifty tool is able to convert most video formats.

Let’s say you need to transfer your favorite movie from your laptop to your iPad, problem is, the iPad will not play the video as it’s saved in the wrong video file format.

There are thousands of converter software out there, but many are simply confusing to use. However, BDlot Video converter does the job for you by selecting the optimal format and quality for your device. Simply drag-n-drop, select the format and press start!

Supported devices include the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Xbox, Apple TV, Zune, Android smartphones, PSP, PS3, Blackberry as well as Symbian devices.

You can also download and automatically convert YouTube videos using the YouTube video download function, which is a big plus. Simply paste the video URL in the box and let the program do the job for you.

The converter supports CUDA processing, which can help speed up conversion times if you have a NVIDIA graphics card that supports CUDA functionality.

This software is perfect for students on the go who needs to move movies and videos on their smartphone and tablets like the iPad. Give it a try!

1.     It helps students to convert any video to their portable device and share them with schoolmates when they are back to school.

2.     It also helps you build your DIY movie/music from online. Students can use it to download online videos or audio from nice websites like YouTube on their laptop for offline watching.

3.     It can create DVDs from camcorder, portable gadgets or any video clips. It allows students to burn their favorite videos on blank DVD disc for better backup.

At PBJ Breaktime, we are giving out an unlimited use license key for BDlot Video Converter. To get this piece of software for free, download it at this page  and use this license key when activating the software: BT-TNTXYYGV-QJFQFJ. This free license code lasts until September 10, 2011. The program normally sells for 30$, so hurry and grab your copy! For more information and future giveaways, check out BDlot’s giveaway page.

BDlot is a Windows software, so you will need to use Windows in order to use it, obviously.

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