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BDlot Video Converter Back to School giveaway!


In need for a video converter program for Windows? Look no further, BDlot Video Converter could be exactly what you’re missing. This nifty tool is able to convert most video formats.

Let’s say you need to transfer your favorite movie from your laptop to your iPad, problem is, the iPad will not play the video as it’s saved in the wrong video file format.

There are thousands of converter software out there, but many are simply confusing to use. However, BDlot Video converter does the job for you by selecting the optimal format and quality for your device. Simply drag-n-drop, select the format More >

Hurricane Irene

Five Free iPhone Necessities That Can Help You Through a Natural Disaster


The recent brush with hurricane danger experienced by those on the East Coast is a reminder that natural disasters can still make big dents in our lives. Fortunately these days the smartphone is incredibly handy at giving you an edge in times of emergency. Through apps and other services you can ensure your safety as well as the safety of your family. The following are five iPhone mobile services to consider having on your phone in case a crisis occurs:

#1 Twitter

This one is easy because you probably already have it installed onto your phone. Not only can Twitter allow you an easy way to More >

the iphone

Top Ten Applications For iPhones

iPhone is a smartphone incorporated with internet and multimedia features marketed by apple. An iPhone is a multitasking phone which performs more than one function simultaneously. The first generation iPhone was a simple basic smartphone with multimedia features and internet facility; however, the new models created a boom in the international market. The demand of these models is touching new records everyday because of their advanced user interface and hundreds of user-friendly applications. Some of the top applications are: one trip shopping list, Google reader, iPhone chat, iZoho, More >

Web-based live support with VeriShow


The emerging live support and online collaboration technologies allow companies to benefit from using online tools to create better live support for their clients. VeriShow, a web-based multimedia live chat platform, offers a solution which encompasses the challenges web visitors and online representatives face on a daily basis.

In order to convert potential leads into sales, live help representatives need to create an interactive and trustworthy experience for the customer. VeriShow does just that and makes it easy to share content with clients in real-time using various apps to share More >


Apps and Your Wallet: The True Cost of App Development


Do you remember Cabbage Patch Dolls? Everybody wanted one, and would (literally in some cases) beat each other up to get one. IPhone, iPad, and other Smartphone applications are shaping up to be quite similar in their popularity. Everybody wants one, from the cupcake shop on the corner to the major corporate headquarters at the center of town. App developers, like web developers and code developers before them, are taking their knowledge and expertise all the way to the bank, as businesses large and small queue up for their services. So, how much does it really cost to make an app? Like most More >


How is the Hygiene of Your Blog?


Usually when we think of hygiene we think of keeping our teeth clean or showering on a daily basis, but have you ever stopped to consider that your blog’s bad hygiene may be turning away visitors?  You may not even realize this is happening, but a blog with bad hygiene will turn away more visitors than one with good hygiene.  This article will look at some areas in your blog that need to be kept tidy and clean so that you do not alienate any of your readers.

Update Old Blog Posts

We all have those blog posts that were written before iPhones even existed and the content in them is very much More >

3 Reasons Why You can Build Site Traffic Through Multimedia Marketing


Marketing is an essential component of any business.  This is why it has practically been made into a science. Without a great marketing strategy, chances are you will get left behind by the competition. With the popularity of the internet a new kind of marketing strategy has surfaced. This is called multimedia marketing.

Multimedia is basically media that “moves and talks”. There are two components in multimedia: audio and video. This is an extremely effective marketing element that you can use to drive traffic to your site. Why? Let me give you 3 reasons.

First, multimedia can grab and hold More >

PS2 vs Wii vs Xbox 360

The best games console


The top three contenders in the battle to capture the hearts and minds of the gaming audience worldwide, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, offer gaming consoles that each have distinct advantages, continually evolving features, and exclusive games. The choice between the Sony Play Station 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii often boils down to personal preference and what you want to use them for. Although you can’t go wrong buying any of these systems, the console that is the clear choice of most hard-core gamers is Sony’s PS3.

Gaming consoles have come a long way. They not only allow you to More >


A New Portal to Frienship: Portal 2′s Cooperative Campaign

Sometimes it’s hard to know who your real friends are.  Several friendship tests have been administered across several mediums—most notably on Facebook—but the results are inconclusive and dubious at best, and the tests themselves are more or less completely bogus.  In this world of superficial friendships and vast social networks, how are we to sift through the chaff and discover the diamonds in the rough? The developers at Valve, the firm responsible for such gaming phenomena as Half-Life  and The Orange Box, may have a solution: Portal 2. Everyone was impressed and generally mind-blown More >
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How To Make A Blog In Profitable Niche


What is your blog all about? This can make your blog more profitable. Dealing with a specific topic will be easy to market it.  There are thousands of blogs talking about music and making money online. If you want to have a profitable niche you have need to have knowledge of it, and be very creative.

If making money online is your take, then you need to give your best to those people who are looking the different ways in which they can earn more money online. Getting jobs nowadays may not be that easy and providing real and easy ways to these people will lead your blog to the top. Do it out More >

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