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bdlot video converter screenshot

BDlot Video Converter Back to School giveaway!


In need for a video converter program for Windows? Look no further, BDlot Video Converter could be exactly what you’re missing. This nifty tool is able to convert most video formats.

Let’s say you need to transfer your favorite movie from your laptop to your iPad, problem is, the iPad will not play the video as it’s saved in the wrong video file format.

There are thousands of converter software out there, but many are simply confusing to use. However, BDlot Video converter does the job for you by selecting the optimal format and quality for your device. Simply drag-n-drop, select the format More >


How to Get People to Read Your Blog


I have always loved writing. But it was just recently that I turned to blogging. At first, I started blogging purely for pleasure. I just like writing down my thoughts and sharing them with other people. But as I got oriented with other bloggers I realized that blogging wasn’t just a past time, it could also be a source of income! For some bloggers, it was even a full time job.

The first objective when it comes to blogging is to get site traffic. But this isn’t easy to do. There are several thousand blogs out there. In order to get people to visit your blog it must stand out from the rest. More >

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