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Google +1 buttons

Meet the +1 button; Google cooking up social search results?


Google’s search results is known as relevant and, for signed-in users, related to your interests based on past search queries and sites visited. Now, Google is testing a new button much like Facebook’s famous “Like” button, but for result results and ads. Google hopes it will be used by users to promote content they like, agree with or recommend to friends.

Here’s a promotional video from Google that provides a few details.

The “+1 button” is a public beta initiative that you can opt-in on this page. Once you are signed into Google and is opt-in to the +1 experiment, you will begin to see a More >

It only does identity theft spoof

PSN downtime: your personal data has been compromised



It only does identity theft

Time to check your credit card statement, because Sony just dropped the A-bomb. Amid the PlayStation Network and Qriocity downtime a few days ago, the company has found proof that many of your registration and payment information can be, in fact, retrieved by hackers. The following information is certainly “hacked”, according to Sony, and they could be stored in an unencrypted format, like plain text.


  • Your name
  • Your address (city, state, and zip)
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Birthday
  • PSN password and login name (more…)
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PC Gamer's Minecraft Demo Menu

Get your Minecraft Demo now


Minecraft took the gaming industry by surprise with its alternate approach to many gaming standards and its indie background. But for many people, all this noise doesn’t mean anything at all. Why spend money on a game which may or may not be fun? And the only “demo” is the old version, the Minecraft Classic.

Well this is a problem no more! With the release of PC Gamer’s official Minecraft demo, anyone can try out the features and the fun of a infinitely generated sandbox game.

Unlike many demos out there, every single feature tool, monster, block and even textures packs can be used inside the More >

Silica + Silica glass

5 minimalist Windows 7 custom themes


A long time ago, I wrote about how to install custom themes on Windows Vista and 7. The default Windows 7 theme is nice, but features a lot of eye candy that the minimalist crowd doesn’t necessarily like. Now let’s check out some of the best minimalist themes on the net for Windows Seven. Please note that you must patch your system to support custom unsigned themes first or you will get nasty surprises. These themes look nicer when used in conjunction with a Rainmeter minimalist skin, too!

Here’s 5 themes I’ve found that looks nice and keeps a minimalist feel to your desktop.

Silica + Silica More >
CS5.5 Box Art

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 announced


On April 11, Adobe released a press release providing more detail on the upcoming CS 5.5 release. This is considered a “Mid-cycle” release and changes will be relatively minor compared to changes seen between CS4 and CS5. For this new version, one of the biggest changes would be a switch to a subscription-based model. In addition to retail sales, CS5 products can be used for a recurring monthly price.

To cite the press release:

Adobe Photoshop® for as little as US$35 per month, Adobe Design Premium CS5.5 for US$95 per month, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection for US$129 per

More >

Great game deal: The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle


Limited time only: Another pay-what-you-want sale from The Humble Indie Bundle is out. Last year, they released two bundles that included popular indie games such as World of Goo, Osmos, Brain and other Indie games.

Here’s a video to show you what to expect in this deal!


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Facebook in China?

Is Facebook about to enter China?


The Internet giant Facebook is known to be blocked in mainland China since its inception by government censorship, unofficially known as the Great Firewall of China. However, there are reports that confirms that Facebook currently plans to break through this wall.

Hu Yan Ping, a former journalist and head of a respected Chinese Internet research center, has reported that the social network has signed an agreement with Chinese authorities in order to work out a way for to enter the Chinese market.

“Facebook really is about to enter China, the agreement is signed. A domestic website will work More >

Be your own souvenir: Kinect meets 3D printing


The Kinect has proven itself to be useful not only as a controller in games, but it can be used in other, more creative ways like helping the blind to navigate.

This time, the Kinect is used to print out a miniature sized replica of people. Run as a souvenir shop, the consumer would stand in the right position and a 3D printer will print out a small statue using images from 3 different Kinects. Sure the quality isn’t as good as a handmade one could be, but this is a leap towards a new form of art. Video after the break. (more…)

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