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Displaying relevant related posts inside your content is a great way to extend the time your readers spend on your site, as well as making more of your content visible to a larger audience. Unfortunately, WordPress does not come pre-packaged with an related posts plug-in; installing an third-party plug-in is required in order to display related posts on your blog.


This is the plugin I currently use on PBJ Breaktime, it works great and displays a thumbnail along with the article’s title. The thumbnail can help drawing attention from your readers. You can select up to 5 related posts displayed at a time. The main disadvantage is that you will be depending on LinkWithIn for the service; if their service goes down, so does your related posts.

Related Posts Thumbnails

Related Posts ThumbnailsAnother related posts plugin for WordPress, very similar to the above mentioned LinkWithIn, but this plugin is entirely self hosted on your server, so you do not depend on any external services. This plugin will also display an excerpt from the post under the title.

Yet Another Related Post Plugin

This plug-in comes without thumbnail display, only the title, but it is highly extensible. Since it uses less resources, it will not affect the loading time of your blog by a lot.



Wp-Thumbie is another plugin which allows to display a thumbnail, a title and a small excerpt from the article.



If you have been on the New York Times’s website to read an article, you certainly have noticed the little bar that pops on the bottom after you have scrolled down the article. Using this jQuery-based plugin magic, you too can add that animated bar to your very own blog. It displays related articles by categories and is not as contextual as the other plugins mentioned in this article.

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