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This is our next installment of our long lasting and irregular Rainmeter skins roundup posts. This time we focus on music cover display themes and widgets for Rainmeter.

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RmediaCover V2.1

by ~theumad

There’s an big album art and control buttons on the right. You can either use the medium album art for small screens or use the big album art for bigger screens.

RmediaCover for Rainmeter

iTunes Player

by ~lucamennoia

Like the name tells, this album display will only work with iTunes. It is a nice mac style widget with icon on top and 3 control buttons on the silver disk. Looks great, works fine. You can edit the config to your liking too!

iTunes player rainmeter

Slow-key :Rainmeter music skin

by ~Silvel

This is a more minimalist music display skin. It is very tiny, is pixelated and there is no album art display. Nevertheless, it works fine and looks great on minimalist desktops. It fits Enigma’s sidebar, it has a transparent background and you can put it in white or black. I think it’s cool!

slow key rainmeter


by ~YahibazOu

A nice-looking skin styled to replicate the older iTunes versions. This skin displays more information than the other themes on this page. For example, it displays the current track time and a slider to change the sound volume.

itunes by yahibazou

NowPlaying Rainmeter

by ~hpluslabels

Another Rainmeter skin for iTunes. Looks great with title display, album art, music track time, artist and a pause/play/skip button. In the new .rmskin format.

nowplaying rainmeter

Rainmeter Spotify Player

by ~MR-PangKaKa

Now this one is different, this skin is designed for Spotify and not iTunes. I have no comment to made, as Spotify is not available in Canada as of now.

rainmeter spotify

Hope this list helped!

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