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Here’s some awesome recent Rainmeter clock and time skins out there, just in time for the Halloween weekend. They arn’t really spooky or even Halloween-related, but should help you out redecorating your Rainmeter-powered desktop before November! :-)

This time, the focus is on time. Without further delay, here’s a list of nice clock and watches skins for Rainmeter to tell time on your Windows desktop!

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HTC sense clocks

Android HTC sense clocks for RainmeterYou certainly have heard of HTC sense if you have ever seen a HTC Andoid phone recently. This Rainmeter theme will allow you to bring the iconic calender and clock from the phone to your desktop! Also contains a configurable weather display under the calender.

VAtch for Rainmeter

VAtch for Rainmeter clockGreat looking and innovative clock skin. There’s one arrow on the outer circle indicating the minute and the inner arrow indicates the hour. Reading the time might be tough at first, but you’ll get used to it :-D The design is based on this concept art.

Digital Clock for Rainmeter

Digital Clock Skin Rainmeter

The name says everything. It’s a digital clock everyone’s familiar with, now available on your desktop. You need to install a custom font along with the skin.

Digital Clock

Digital Clock Minimalist skin

This is a minimalist approach to time. It tells the time without any fancy graphics. Works as advertised!

Citizen -Clock skin

Citizen Clock Skin on Rainmeter

Impressive graphical work on this one! Looks just like a watch de luxe, except it’s not real, and is free.


Post its Notes Skin for Rainmeter

Use Post-its to display time, date and weather!

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