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Many Chrome users will remember being greeted with XML code when they try to click an RSS(Really Simple Syndication) or Atom link. Chrome just doesn’t have an built-in RSS aggregation feature or at least a feature to subscribe through Google Reader. Fortunately, thanks to third-party extensions, the lack of RSS capability can be fixed with many different plugins.

Here’s some of them:

RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

This is the official RSS solution from Google. It’s simply a parser to display an eye pleasing version of the RSS feed and offers you the option to subscribe to the feed using Google Reader, iGoogle, My Yahoo or Bloglines(although it is discontinued). You cannot save the feed to your bookmarks like Firefox does. The interface is very sililar to Firefox, with an RSS icon that will pop up in the Omnibox once the website supports RSS technology and clicking on it will open up a feed preview. Discussion to implement this plugin natively in Chrome is currently underway, although it is likely that the plugin will be shipped with Chrome in the not-so far future.

RSS Live Links

Firefox’s Live Bookmarks will be familiar with this competing extensions. The plugin will display Links-like bookmarks to configured RSS feeds and will add an icon on the menu bar.

Clicking on feed items will take you to the article website. Supports creating bookmarks folders that are updated dynamically as the feed updates, much like the Live Bookmarks in Firefox.

Feed Notifier!

Feed Notifier is another feed reader add-on for Chrome that will display latest updates on your feeds with an Windows Live Messenger-like popup notification on the bottom right of your screen. Depending on your tastes, you might find it useful or annoying.

Slick RSS

Slick RSS is similar to the popular Firefox plugin, Brief. It’s an local feed reader for Chrome. Simply add feeds through the interface and the extension will notify you of updates with the icon on the sidebar.

Supports RSS and Atom feeds. Great alternative to Google’s RSS extension if you prefer not to use web-based feed readers and use a local reader.


Feedly is one of the more creative feed readers addons out there. Unlike other aggregators, Feedly will organise all your feeds into a magazine-likefront page. Pretty neat and is my favorite feed reader so far.

Best of all? It’s not just a feed reader, it will also collect your tweets, YouTube subscriptions and delicious updates and display them alongside the feeds. Provides seamless integration with Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube and Amazon, so you can add your feeds to your personal magazine page.

Got more extensions that will make reading feeds easier? Comment below!

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