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Welcome to our 101th post! I missed celebrating the one hundredth one, but I’m pretty close.

This is a follow-up to our Minimalist Rainmeter themes a while ago. This is another list of top great weather skins for Rainmeter that you might find useful :). Update: Check out clock and watches for Rainmeter and 6 great Rainmeter music album art display skins!

VClouds Weather

Detailed, up to 9 days forecast widget for Rainmeter. Lots of customization is possible, as there is 3 sets of 8 themes. Recommanded for those who take weather forecasts seriously.

Weather for Rainmeter

Simple, transparent weather theme for Rainmeter. Features black and white version and good for all desktops. Configured for 4 days forecasts.



Just Weather v1.1

Weather for the minimalists, the widget is only an current icon with the current temperature next to it. No forecast.

Large Clean Weather

Another 4-day weather forecast theme. What I like about it is its easy-on-the-eyes and easy-to-read typeface.

Circuitous Weather

A great widget concept, displays weather with an progress bar like an clock that changes depending on the temperature!

10 foot HUD

Another typeface-based weather app, no weather icon. Just large text displaying the current weather status.

And that is all! Comment below of you got more suggestions.

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