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Found the perfect download you need, only to find out that a lengthy registration process is required? This applies especially for Internet forums and download sites. With, frustration is a thing of the past; you no longer have to give your private information away for sites you are only going to visit once or twice. BugMeNot is designed to let you access websites without registering. Greatly useful especially if you are on a hurry! This is a step-to-step process how to use the website:

1- Go to

2- Enter the website address and press “Get Logins”

3- If you’re lucky, there should be numerous logins available for the chosen website.

4- Choose one working login(rated by the community in green) and copy paste the login to the website.

5- Enjoy!

Note that some sites are banned from the BugMeNot system, these include Adult sites and sites with paid content access. BugMeNot also maintains an Firefox extension that makes the login retrieval simpler than ever. Right click on the login field and select BugMeNot and it will fill in the login+password boxes by itself.

Visit BugMeNot

Any thought and alternatives to BugMeNot? Comment below!

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