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F.lux is a great cross-platform app designed at preventing eye sores and insomnia. We all know the feeling after staring at the screen for too long. During nighttime, looking at the screen can get pretty uncomfortable as the screen is too bright relative to the environment. The problem is that computer screens are designed to look bright, that’s something you don’t want when it’s dark. F.lux is a little app that can stop you from getting blinded by the screen. Using the time and your Postal/ZIP code, f.lux adjusts the screen brightness and tint according to your time and your latitude. At daytime, the screen is, by default, 6500K/sRGB. Using f.lux,you can adjusts the nighttime settings to your liking, as low as 3400K/sRGB(“Halogen”), significantly reducing the strain on the eyes and makes the screen look better in lower lightning. In other words, the screen will become warmer and darker during sunset and bright during the day.

f.lux is a free download and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Your body -especially your eyes- will thank you!


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