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I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person in the Digg hate bandwagon. In fact, go to the comments page of any Digg submission right now and you’ll find plenty of Digg hatin’ right there. The new Diggv4 upgrade is just a disaster, with lots of glitches, bugs and flaws. It’s funny how one of the former leading social news website gave up on its title and became a website dominated by the big media and little user democracy. Check it out yourself, every article on the front page at Digg are posted by the super-power-users – the ones with literally thousand of followers. What does this mean for the average user? It means it is now officially impossible to submit anything and get on the front page. Digg already had power-user problems before the v4 upgrade, but now the problem is simply ridiculous.
Check this out. Submition by the average user being censored by Digg and is unable to reach the front page! The worst of all? His account got deleted a while after that.

What can we do? Stop using Digg and giving them advertising money. Start using alternative social news websites like reddit or something. Digg is too busy sucking big corp’s d*cks anyways. Watch Digg’s rank fall down from one of the net’s leading sites to something like Myspace soon.

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